Attendees are invited to submit an abstract for a poster presentation at the Next Generation Leaders conference.
The poster categories are: 
  1. Leading change and changing cultures

  2. Change in the community and integrated care settings

  3. Quality Improvement

  4. Resilience and wellbeing

Further details about the categories can be found below.  The top 4 abstracts will be accepted.


Abstract submission:

The deadline for submission of abstracts is the 17th January 2020. Abstracts need to be submitted by email to and should not exceed 250 words (excluding title, author(s) and references). You may include one table, graph or graphic with the abstract submission, there is no limit for tables, graphs and graphics for the poster presentation. An author must register for the conference to be eligible to submit an abstract. 

Selection process:

All submitted abstracts will be peer reviewed by members of the organising committee and invitations to present a poster at the conference will be sent by email shortly after the submission deadline.


Category 1: Leading change and changing cultures

Projects where a trainee has demonstrated a change that they themselves have led or have had significant responsibility in leading a change or where changing culture was a significant part of the overall project. The change itself can be from any aspect of practice and would include audit, quality/service improvement or research. If a trainee has been heavily involved in changing culture this could include local or system-wide changes, projects involving barriers to engagement or settings where poor morale was identified as a significant barrier. This could be within a small team or a large department.  Projects concerned with medical education may also be suitable in this category.

The submission will focus on the qualities of leadership required, discuss strategies to overcome challenges and future learning points. It will also demonstrate long-lasting change or plans for implementation of this.

Category 2: Change in the community and integrated care settings

This category is for leadership projects that are focussed on change in Primary care and Community settings and change projects across wider health care systems. 

Change may include system wide changes or involve barriers to engagement. This may incorporate communication pathways between primary and secondary care with cross boundary projects or where there is change involving multiple organisations. For example, through a commissioning transition period such as provision of care by a third party private corporation. This may include examples from Sustainability and transformation plans (STPs) and Integrated Care System (ICS) and Managed Clinical Network (MCN) projects.


Category 3: Quality Improvement

Projects utilising recognised quality improvement tools including Model for Improvement, PDSA cycles, run-charts, Lean, six-sigma etc. Submissions will demonstrate how the use of these tools allowed the project to deliver its intended outcomes, and will discuss the rationale for the use of the tools. We are looking for examples high-quality projects which showcase the use of QI methodology. 


Category 4: Resilience and wellbeing

This is a category for projects engaged with assessing and/or improving the wellbeing of healthcare practitioners, not necessarily just medical staff. Emphasis will be on interventions, especially novel approaches, to wellbeing or resilience for healthcare staff. Interventions can be within the healthcare setting or outwith and examples would include lunchtime yoga projects or evening teambuilding exercises. 

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